November 28, 2022


Our digital advisory services starts our client’s entire business environment in order to create a strategy. The fundamental emphasis on all consulting engagements is how the business problem can be addressed through a more effective use of technology.

Digital Transformation Strategy with Digital Vision, Roadmap and Execution – we use a straightforward process to generate the Digital Vision, a Digital Strategy, an Implementation Roadmap and Execution Plan in order to enable tech people to help the organization to thrive.

The components of our methodology are:

  • Business strategy, the foundation
  • Gap analysis through collaboration, define the problem before stating a solution
  • Review operational efficiency and effectiveness of business processes
  • Understand and communicate emerging opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Document solutions that will solve the business problem
  • Product selection with technology options match to the solution
  • Technology project management
  • Implementation and transition to operations through effective change management
  • Reinforce operational changes until fully adopted

Zealously communicate, break down siloes, work with the teams and know they have the business solutions, understand and manage risks from start to finish.

Risk management is key to our decision making and will always be used to ensure sufficient consideration is provide to inform business decisions.

Other critical business components we stress is that of cyber-security, data management and access management when considering digital transformation improvements.


Refer to the
Mandate Consulting Digital Adoption Plan
document to see the assessment process used to build this plan

Sample Components that a Digital Adoption Plan may Contain 

  • Incorporating technology advancement in the strategic plan and business planning process
  • Website Upgrades such that you can build an e-commerce or lead capture component to your strategy.
  • Digital Marketing to significantly increase website traffic with Google and social media prospects
  • Search Engine Optimization to establish a strong Search Engine presence that will last for years to come and maintain business visibility
  • New Technology Installations to improve business effectiveness and customer experience
  • Advisory Services on particular aspects of the digital adoption plan
  • Materials & Support Services directly related to onboarding the technology
  • Staff Development on new onboarded technologies
  • Infrastructure and architecture advisory services to ensure the most effective use of technology platforms are engaged
  • Business process redesign to enable the business to exploit new technology functionality
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